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Trouble in Paradise?

Things with Him #2 are generally great–we’re still in the easy and fun puppy dog state and we have really great conversations.  We also have a great ability to talk about something serious and, on a whim, transition to something goofy and fun.  We’ve been spending a lot of time together and we’re even planning to go away together for a weekend in the next few weeks.

For the first time in basically ever, I will have Valentine!


But there is one big recurring issue–he talks about his ex wayyyyy too often.  I believe they broke up 2-3 years ago and he assures me that he is over her, but I assure you that he is not 100% over her.

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MISSING: 30withcats

I know, I know.  It’s been a while. Two factors:  First, my job has been very consuming and I am behind on all the things.  Second, I’ve been spending a lot of free time with Him #2…. I stole a picture yesterday while we were shopping (his idea!)


I’d share more about this time, but it would get sickeningly cute I think this would be the result:

I will just say that the first thing he did when he came over my house the first time was pick up the friendlier of my cats (the other continues to hide in her safe spot) and give her some good pets.


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Playing Games

So I’m minding my own business yesterday when I get the notification that someone has messaged me on the dating website.  I could use a break from reviewing some lengthy agreements, so I take a look:


Sigh.  I roll my eyes.  I complain to Dawn.  I answer “no” in my head and I’m about to proceed with my life.  But then I got an idea!  An awful idea!  30WITHCATS GOT A WONDERFUL AWFUL IDEA!  “I know just what to do to!”  30withcats told Dawn!

Source: My New Plaid Pants

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Tales for a Tuesday

Story time!


Once upon a time, I went on my first first date with an online person.  Well.. he was a real person, but you know what I mean.

It all started a few years ago, when I reluctantly signed up for an online dating website at the insistence and with the assistance of a good friend.  She had been successful in meeting some decent guys and had been encouraging me to date.  (For the record, she’s not a cat person and I think that it bothers her that my Plan B for life is to become a verifiable crazy cat lady.)

Anyways, I made a profile with some photos I could scrounge and soon I had a message from a guy who seemed decent and fun.  I honestly don’t remember his name, so let’s call him Bubba to make the story sound more interesting.  Bubba said he would like to get a drink after work and offered to come to a bar near my office.  Ok.  Sure!  I can do this….


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