The Non-Date

Ok.  Here we go again. This is the main post recreated.

It is actually about yesterday and requires a bit of background.

Boyfriend and I decided to date exclusively rather early on in our relationship.  I can’t remember if he went on any dates after we met, but I had only one date: the one with the Nerd.   My decision to date exclusively went as follows:

  1. I’m a bit burnt out on all these energy draining first dates so I don’t intend to go on any other dates, and
  2. I like Boyfriend enough to keep seeing him.

Now, let me make two things perfectly clear:

  1. I didn’t pressure Boyfriend to do the same–he initiated all of the early conversations about the relationship and I also told him that he needed to do what he felt was right.  If he wasn’t ready to stop dating other women, then he shouldn’t stop.  I told home that I hoped he would choose me, but I want to be with someone who wants to be with me and sometimes dating other people helps you to figure that out.
  2. I didn’t settle for Boyfriend. If I ever stop enjoying things on balance, I’ll end it and spend more times with the cats.


Poor neglected creatures.

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I am alive

I know, it’s been a while.  Too much has been going on in my real life that isn’t blog worthy, so I took a hiatus.  But, here I am.

Anyways, travels with Boyfriend went quite well.  They upgraded us to a beautiful suite. I convinced him to take a picture with me and the [somewhat creepy] Easter bunny.  He then allowed me to post it on Facebook.  And we mainly chillaxed.


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New Goals (Updated)

My personal trainer (who is one of my favorite people in the world–couldn’t imagine feeling that way only a year ago) tagged me on a post of the following video:

The cat massage lady is my hero, idol and a universal inspiration for all cat ladies everywhere.

I don’t know why the real cat is sometimes replaced with a toy tiger, but it adds so much value to the video.


UPDATE:  You can buy cat and dog massage videos on  

According to the website, Betty White is a big fan!!



I am having a bumpy start to the work day.  Anways, I lol’d at this text exchange.  Why would you send anyone to the store with this list:

Source: Distractify
Source: Distractify

I don’t blame the guy for being confused.  What is “Light bright” lipstick?

I really laughed at his response:

Source: Distracify
Source: Distracify

Kudos to the guy for trying to figure it out (and for calling her “My Beautiful Sunshine” in his contacts).