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E-mergency! HALP! (Updated)

UPDATE:  I decided to ignore the request on Facebook and tell him why.  I said I didn’t want to accept the request because I tend to post a lot, and while nothing is secret per se, I’d rather get to know him organically.  I also said I hope I’m not offending him or hurting his feelings.  He said he hesitated sending it because he agrees it’s too soon, but because he mentioned that he saw me on Facebook, he thought I’d be offended that he didn’t friend me.

See what happens when you assume things?  You make an *ss out of you and ….I don’t remember the rest of the saying.  Mature and honest communication works…. Who knew?

I mentioned earlier this week that there are two gents currently on the dance card.   There is one that I’m leaning towards, but I’ve only had one date with the other one, who I have lovingly dubbed the Nerd.   The first date with the Nerd will likely be chronicled in another post, but needless to say, it was a bit… draining due to the extremely long and rambling stories accompanied by pictures.

That said… He seems like a really nice guy and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was just nervous and can’t handle beer.  He admitted that he tends to talk too much.  So I want to give him another chance, but I don’t have super high hopes.

Anyways, here is the E-mergency.  It started with the following text from the Nerd:

Hey Facebook asked me today if I know you 🙂 I hadn’t even searched for you yet, now I know your last name 😉

Ugh.  FACEBOOK YOU HAVE BETRAYED ME!  I tried to tiptoe around the topic.

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I just realized that the final season of Downton Abbey starts tonight at 9!  The problem is that I set up a dinner date with a gentleman at 7 AND I don’t have DVR.  I feel like it may not be quite appropriate to ask a guy to move a date so I can watch a [spectacular] period soap opera.  The struggle is real.


What should I do?

Reschedule dinner earlier
Nothing–maybe you’ll make the premiere?
Cancel all plans from now until then to watch all seasons of Downton with the cats
Please Specify:

Quiz Maker

UPDATE:  I’ve decided to do nothing.  He changed the venue from a restaurant I think is ok to a good Irish pub…. He’s also 6’7″….

Thanks for the advice friends!

UPDATE UPDATE!  I mentioned being excited about the Downton premiere so he offered to move dinner earlier and he’s coming over to watch it with me.  In the words of the wise Lady Grantham: “All life is a series of problems which we must try and solve.”  Is Downton and chill a thing?