Oh Hai!  You have stumbled upon my blog.  Welcome, new friend.

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Who am I?  It’s a mystery!


But, I’m real.  I promise.  This blog is also painfully and embarrassingly honest.  Sigh.   I am a 30-something attorney living in Boston with two awesome cats (They are cats, though, so sometimes they big *ssholes, *ssholes that I love).

I have been perpetually single and I am socially awkward.  I’m a catch!

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I have recently been trying to date and thought I’d share my adventures.

The page is not all about dating or wallowing (which is my preferred form of dating).  It’s sometimes about animals, especially cats, and other random things that are personal to me.

I try to keep it funny, though there is some serious sh*t sprinkled in here and there.

Feel free to contact me if you have any great ideas for future posts that I can steal use.