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The Non-Date

Ok.  Here we go again. This is the main post recreated.

It is actually about yesterday and requires a bit of background.

Boyfriend and I decided to date exclusively rather early on in our relationship.  I can’t remember if he went on any dates after we met, but I had only one date: the one with the Nerd.   My decision to date exclusively went as follows:

  1. I’m a bit burnt out on all these energy draining first dates so I don’t intend to go on any other dates, and
  2. I like Boyfriend enough to keep seeing him.

Now, let me make two things perfectly clear:

  1. I didn’t pressure Boyfriend to do the same–he initiated all of the early conversations about the relationship and I also told him that he needed to do what he felt was right.  If he wasn’t ready to stop dating other women, then he shouldn’t stop.  I told home that I hoped he would choose me, but I want to be with someone who wants to be with me and sometimes dating other people helps you to figure that out.
  2. I didn’t settle for Boyfriend. If I ever stop enjoying things on balance, I’ll end it and spend more times with the cats.


Poor neglected creatures.

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New Goals (Updated)

My personal trainer (who is one of my favorite people in the world–couldn’t imagine feeling that way only a year ago) tagged me on a post of the following video:

The cat massage lady is my hero, idol and a universal inspiration for all cat ladies everywhere.

I don’t know why the real cat is sometimes replaced with a toy tiger, but it adds so much value to the video.


UPDATE:  You can buy cat and dog massage videos on  

According to the website, Betty White is a big fan!!


Hello Blog.

It’s me.

I know it’s been awhile–fell down the stairs at home (don’t worry just bruised body and ego), been traveling for work, and spending time with Boyfriend.  I met with a new licensed medical provider late last week (thanks to the kind people who reached out with recommendations and support–you are the bestest and never forget it).  I like her better already.  She’s going to chat with the old one and we’re meeting again Friday.  I have a fear that she will turn on me, but I think (hope?) that’s irrational paranoia.

Anywho,  things with Boyfriend are good and I’m quite happy.  We’re going away this weekend together on our first trip.  Perhaps it will provide interesting blog fodder, but to be honest, I sorta hope it doesn’t (sorry).  In the meantime, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I want from a man and a relationship and I’ve had some inspiration from the Internet.

First, off there is this couple:

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day

It was an awfully busy week with Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day.   One of these holidays involved exchanging gifts with a three course meal at a fancy restaurant and the other one was Valentine’s Day.

I have yet to watch Parks and Recreation (though it perpetually lives towards the beginning of my Netflix queue), but I understand the show officially launched Galentine’s Day, as a holiday for ladies to celebrate with ladies.  One night lask week, I met up with a wonderful group of gals for a great dinner (it started with fried cheese and ended with a giant bowl of chocolate mousse…nuff said). We also exchanged gifts such as: socks that said “smitten kitten,” owl themed chocolates, and sparkly stickers.  It was an evening that embodied true love.

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Tales for a Tuesday

Story time!


Once upon a time, I went on my first first date with an online person.  Well.. he was a real person, but you know what I mean.

It all started a few years ago, when I reluctantly signed up for an online dating website at the insistence and with the assistance of a good friend.  She had been successful in meeting some decent guys and had been encouraging me to date.  (For the record, she’s not a cat person and I think that it bothers her that my Plan B for life is to become a verifiable crazy cat lady.)

Anyways, I made a profile with some photos I could scrounge and soon I had a message from a guy who seemed decent and fun.  I honestly don’t remember his name, so let’s call him Bubba to make the story sound more interesting.  Bubba said he would like to get a drink after work and offered to come to a bar near my office.  Ok.  Sure!  I can do this….


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