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Technical Difficulties

I have mentioned that I’m bad at technology, but for some reason I have been particularly and painfully bad with technology when it comes to Him #1.    For some reason, all of my faux pas with technology have happened with him recently… just adding to the fun.  Anyways, here is the exhaustive and chronological list:

Not realizing that I purchased the wrong upgrade on the dating app and visiting his profile thinking that he couldn’t see it when he really could.  Background: A lot of the dating apps are free, but you can pay for upgrades.  The one I prefer will notify someone if you looked at their profile and vice-versa.  You can turn it off, but then you don’t see who visits you.  Alternatively, you can upgrade your account and then you can control when you want to notify someone who you visited.

I vaguely remember purchasing the upgrade, but I didn’t really look at what it did.  You see, we had to reschedule the second date and I was drinking at a friend’s house.  I wanted to look at his profile, but I knew that was not really appropriate.  So perfect! I got this upgrade and now I can look without him knowing!  Took me two weeks to realize he could see me visiting his page.

Sending him the screenshot of the break-it-off text.  I took a screenshot of the break-it-off text to send another friend instead of explaining how it ended.  In my haste, I… sent it to him.  It was one of those moments, like forgetting an attachment on an email, where you realize your mistake immediately after you hit send.  Watching the little send bar move across the screen was torture.


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I just realized that the final season of Downton Abbey starts tonight at 9!  The problem is that I set up a dinner date with a gentleman at 7 AND I don’t have DVR.  I feel like it may not be quite appropriate to ask a guy to move a date so I can watch a [spectacular] period soap opera.  The struggle is real.


What should I do?

Reschedule dinner earlier
Nothing–maybe you’ll make the premiere?
Cancel all plans from now until then to watch all seasons of Downton with the cats
Please Specify:

Quiz Maker

UPDATE:  I’ve decided to do nothing.  He changed the venue from a restaurant I think is ok to a good Irish pub…. He’s also 6’7″….

Thanks for the advice friends!

UPDATE UPDATE!  I mentioned being excited about the Downton premiere so he offered to move dinner earlier and he’s coming over to watch it with me.  In the words of the wise Lady Grantham: “All life is a series of problems which we must try and solve.”  Is Downton and chill a thing?



Welcome to my blog, which I intend to fill with random antics since now I’m 30 and I’m looking for meaning in my life.  I don’t actually expect anyone else to read this blog, but if you are reading this–HI!

So who am I?  I’m a 30 year old attorney, who lives in Boston and has her life together from the outside.  I have a great career and two loving cats.   So what gives?  Well, I’ve been perpetually single with the occasional few month relationship of some form from time-to-time (zomg dating…. ), I can’t seem to pay my bills on time (and not for lack of money… I just can’t seem to pay them when they are due–they should really send you a piece of paper every month to remind you to pay), I prefer my cats over most people (I’m resisting posting cat pictures….), and I cannot leave a normal voicemail to save my soul.

Here is how I rang in my 30th Birthday:


30th Bouncy House

Seemed appropriate to mark the occasion of becoming a real grown-up.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to take dating seriously and I was inspired to start this blog primarily due to this  article.  It was refreshing to know that I’m not alone in this world with my insane thoughts.

Anyways, enough for now and MERRY CHRISTMAS!