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New Goals (Updated)

My personal trainer (who is one of my favorite people in the world–couldn’t imagine feeling that way only a year ago) tagged me on a post of the following video:

The cat massage lady is my hero, idol and a universal inspiration for all cat ladies everywhere.

I don’t know why the real cat is sometimes replaced with a toy tiger, but it adds so much value to the video.


UPDATE:  You can buy cat and dog massage videos on  

According to the website, Betty White is a big fan!!



Hello Readers!  How are you two doing?

Ah.  It’s funny because it’s true.

Anyways, I was on a staycation last week and tried to stay as unplugged as possible.  Ahhhhh.  So, sorry for not posting for a while (I’m not actually sorry).

First order of business:  It has been decided that the possible Man TBD formerly known as Him #2 shall be referred to as “Boyfriend.”  Creative, I know!  Boyfriend has a dog, who is my dog boyfriend.  The cats are not pleased by the smell of slobber and they show their disapproval by sleeping a lot and occasionally and furiously attacking catnip toys.  Ok, so, the cats don’t care.

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Meet the Parents

I have been awfully busy lately with work, Him #2, and interviewing for new jobs.  Job interviews are an awful lot like first dates, which for me means that I try to limit my awkward levels to a socially acceptable degree and generally leave feeling it went ok, only to be ghosted or rejected by impersonal electronic communication.    OH WELL!   I’m in the process of setting up another one this week, so fingers crossed!

Anyways, I unexpectedly met the parents of Him #2 this weekend, but in order to set the scene properly, we have to go way back in time to high school.  I promise this is relevant.

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Dating Q&A

My favorite dating website uses a series of questions in order to determine the projected compatibility that you may have with your matches.  The majority of the questions are what you’d expect (think: Do you want to live with someone before getting married?  Do you want kids?  Do you have pets?  Do you want to wait to have sex until after marriage? Etc.), but then there are the ones that fall into the following categories:

  • Strange;
  • Oddly specific situational questions;
  • Offensive;
  • Questions that make you ponder whether humanity deserves to continue; and
  • Questions, my personal answers to which, make you ponder whether I belong in polite society.

We’ll handle each in turn, but let’s pause for a brief explanation.

First, you answer questions and rank how important they are to you.  You can also select what you’d prefer the other person to say.  This may seem odd, but think of this question:  “Do you prefer to date someone taller than you?”  I would answer “Yes” as my answer, but I’d prefer that my date would answer “No” so that we’d match in our height preferences.   The questions are all multiple choice so you have to select from the answers provided, which are at times pretty absurd.  However, your answers are then public for the users of the site and you can provide a narrative explanation of your answer if you so choose.

Personally, I love the questions.  I enjoy seeing people’s explanations and it can be a good screening tool (oh you would give up your right to vote before your right to bear arms…. Don’t think we’d get along so well).  I also like talking about the crazy questions as an ice breaker on the first date.

The questions themselves are submitted by users.  I went on a date with a guy who said he went on a date with a girl who said (so the information has to be accurate, obvi) she was chosen as a question moderator so she would be part of a pool of users who read and approve the questions.  Keep that in mind as we explore….


Do dinosaurs exist?

While I recognize that there are people who wrongfully believe that people and dinosaurs coexisted (and they vacation here), are there people who believe that dinosaurs have NEVER existed??  I just googled it and, yes, yes there are.  I have a new favorite website.



Do trees have souls?


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