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Dating Q&A

My favorite dating website uses a series of questions in order to determine the projected compatibility that you may have with your matches.  The majority of the questions are what you’d expect (think: Do you want to live with someone before getting married?  Do you want kids?  Do you have pets?  Do you want to wait to have sex until after marriage? Etc.), but then there are the ones that fall into the following categories:

  • Strange;
  • Oddly specific situational questions;
  • Offensive;
  • Questions that make you ponder whether humanity deserves to continue; and
  • Questions, my personal answers to which, make you ponder whether I belong in polite society.

We’ll handle each in turn, but let’s pause for a brief explanation.

First, you answer questions and rank how important they are to you.  You can also select what you’d prefer the other person to say.  This may seem odd, but think of this question:  “Do you prefer to date someone taller than you?”  I would answer “Yes” as my answer, but I’d prefer that my date would answer “No” so that we’d match in our height preferences.   The questions are all multiple choice so you have to select from the answers provided, which are at times pretty absurd.  However, your answers are then public for the users of the site and you can provide a narrative explanation of your answer if you so choose.

Personally, I love the questions.  I enjoy seeing people’s explanations and it can be a good screening tool (oh you would give up your right to vote before your right to bear arms…. Don’t think we’d get along so well).  I also like talking about the crazy questions as an ice breaker on the first date.

The questions themselves are submitted by users.  I went on a date with a guy who said he went on a date with a girl who said (so the information has to be accurate, obvi) she was chosen as a question moderator so she would be part of a pool of users who read and approve the questions.  Keep that in mind as we explore….


Do dinosaurs exist?

While I recognize that there are people who wrongfully believe that people and dinosaurs coexisted (and they vacation here), are there people who believe that dinosaurs have NEVER existed??  I just googled it and, yes, yes there are.  I have a new favorite website.



Do trees have souls?


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Playing Games

So I’m minding my own business yesterday when I get the notification that someone has messaged me on the dating website.  I could use a break from reviewing some lengthy agreements, so I take a look:


Sigh.  I roll my eyes.  I complain to Dawn.  I answer “no” in my head and I’m about to proceed with my life.  But then I got an idea!  An awful idea!  30WITHCATS GOT A WONDERFUL AWFUL IDEA!  “I know just what to do to!”  30withcats told Dawn!

Source: My New Plaid Pants

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Tales for a Tuesday

Story time!


Once upon a time, I went on my first first date with an online person.  Well.. he was a real person, but you know what I mean.

It all started a few years ago, when I reluctantly signed up for an online dating website at the insistence and with the assistance of a good friend.  She had been successful in meeting some decent guys and had been encouraging me to date.  (For the record, she’s not a cat person and I think that it bothers her that my Plan B for life is to become a verifiable crazy cat lady.)

Anyways, I made a profile with some photos I could scrounge and soon I had a message from a guy who seemed decent and fun.  I honestly don’t remember his name, so let’s call him Bubba to make the story sound more interesting.  Bubba said he would like to get a drink after work and offered to come to a bar near my office.  Ok.  Sure!  I can do this….


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Date Two: The Final Frontier

Captain’s Log:   After the first date, I had agreed to make some tentative plan for Friday night with the Nerd.   I made this commitment when I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but as the week progressed, I was starting to lose hope.

First he told me that he was cleaning his computer.  I thought well I actually need to do that too–my local saved files on my work computer are a mess.  Then he sent me a picture of computer parts and I realized he meant he was taking it apart and cleaning the inside….  He proceeded to tell me how nostalgic it was to look at when he added certain parts…. Several hours later I got a picture of it put back together…

At any rate, by the end of the week, I started to dread the tentative date and I lost hope that he had just been nervous.  I figured I had to eat dinner on Friday anyways, so I kept the date.

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