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Monday Blues

It’s Monday and Monday’s suck.  On top of that, after a warm weekend, we’re back to seasonable temps in Boston, David Bowie passed away, and I can’t see Him #2 until the weekend.  Suckier Monday.

On that note, here are some pick-me-ups:

Read about Gandalf the Traveling Cat on Bored Panda [Link]

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies comes out next month

Read about how manatees are no longer endangered on CNN [Link]
You can buy the Playboy Mansion for $200MM, but it comes with a roommate…. [Link]
Golden Globes Winners – I have some TV/Movies catching up to do!

Read A 7 Day Guide to Happiness from the BBC [Link]
That’s all for now.

Bedtime Stories

I had a jammed packed day of traveling and meetings for work (pesky day job that puts food on the table).  Anyways, here is another great link to review before bed:

Enjoy and goodnight!

P.S.  I realize this is the second “story” that is just a link to a bunch of animal pictures.  Seems like I’ve found another topic to bring up with that licensed medical professional….