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I am alive

I know, it’s been a while.  Too much has been going on in my real life that isn’t blog worthy, so I took a hiatus.  But, here I am.

Anyways, travels with Boyfriend went quite well.  They upgraded us to a beautiful suite. I convinced him to take a picture with me and the [somewhat creepy] Easter bunny.  He then allowed me to post it on Facebook.  And we mainly chillaxed.


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I am having a bumpy start to the work day.  Anways, I lol’d at this text exchange.  Why would you send anyone to the store with this list:

Source: Distractify
Source: Distractify

I don’t blame the guy for being confused.  What is “Light bright” lipstick?

I really laughed at his response:

Source: Distracify
Source: Distracify

Kudos to the guy for trying to figure it out (and for calling her “My Beautiful Sunshine” in his contacts).


Playing Games

So I’m minding my own business yesterday when I get the notification that someone has messaged me on the dating website.  I could use a break from reviewing some lengthy agreements, so I take a look:


Sigh.  I roll my eyes.  I complain to Dawn.  I answer “no” in my head and I’m about to proceed with my life.  But then I got an idea!  An awful idea!  30WITHCATS GOT A WONDERFUL AWFUL IDEA!  “I know just what to do to!”  30withcats told Dawn!

Source: My New Plaid Pants

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Detours and Derp

I’m going to admit two things.  First, I occasionally take detours from the search parameters for Man TBD and try something (someone?) new. I also am not good at dating (Shocker!).  I have therefore adopted this video as the summary of my dating strategy and success:

I have some successes, but I haven’t found a way to make it truly satisfying.  But I’m not drowning and I’m not going thirsty.  (That is deep.)

Anyways, this weekend, I took a detour with, IMO,  hilarious consequences.  Saturday night, I broke a rule and decided to go grab a drink with this guy who first started messaging me Saturday afternoon.  He didn’t seem creepy and I my only plan was to play with my new iPad, so I decided why not!  But why the rule?  Well, if a guy wants to see you that quickly, he usually has an agenda and by accepting, you show some desperation.   But, I thought rules be damned!  I shall test the rule and see what happens!

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