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Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day

It was an awfully busy week with Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day.   One of these holidays involved exchanging gifts with a three course meal at a fancy restaurant and the other one was Valentine’s Day.

I have yet to watch Parks and Recreation (though it perpetually lives towards the beginning of my Netflix queue), but I understand the show officially launched Galentine’s Day, as a holiday for ladies to celebrate with ladies.  One night lask week, I met up with a wonderful group of gals for a great dinner (it started with fried cheese and ended with a giant bowl of chocolate mousse…nuff said). We also exchanged gifts such as: socks that said “smitten kitten,” owl themed chocolates, and sparkly stickers.  It was an evening that embodied true love.

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Dating Q&A

My favorite dating website uses a series of questions in order to determine the projected compatibility that you may have with your matches.  The majority of the questions are what you’d expect (think: Do you want to live with someone before getting married?  Do you want kids?  Do you have pets?  Do you want to wait to have sex until after marriage? Etc.), but then there are the ones that fall into the following categories:

  • Strange;
  • Oddly specific situational questions;
  • Offensive;
  • Questions that make you ponder whether humanity deserves to continue; and
  • Questions, my personal answers to which, make you ponder whether I belong in polite society.

We’ll handle each in turn, but let’s pause for a brief explanation.

First, you answer questions and rank how important they are to you.  You can also select what you’d prefer the other person to say.  This may seem odd, but think of this question:  “Do you prefer to date someone taller than you?”  I would answer “Yes” as my answer, but I’d prefer that my date would answer “No” so that we’d match in our height preferences.   The questions are all multiple choice so you have to select from the answers provided, which are at times pretty absurd.  However, your answers are then public for the users of the site and you can provide a narrative explanation of your answer if you so choose.

Personally, I love the questions.  I enjoy seeing people’s explanations and it can be a good screening tool (oh you would give up your right to vote before your right to bear arms…. Don’t think we’d get along so well).  I also like talking about the crazy questions as an ice breaker on the first date.

The questions themselves are submitted by users.  I went on a date with a guy who said he went on a date with a girl who said (so the information has to be accurate, obvi) she was chosen as a question moderator so she would be part of a pool of users who read and approve the questions.  Keep that in mind as we explore….


Do dinosaurs exist?

While I recognize that there are people who wrongfully believe that people and dinosaurs coexisted (and they vacation here), are there people who believe that dinosaurs have NEVER existed??  I just googled it and, yes, yes there are.  I have a new favorite website.



Do trees have souls?


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Trouble in Paradise?

Things with Him #2 are generally great–we’re still in the easy and fun puppy dog state and we have really great conversations.  We also have a great ability to talk about something serious and, on a whim, transition to something goofy and fun.  We’ve been spending a lot of time together and we’re even planning to go away together for a weekend in the next few weeks.

For the first time in basically ever, I will have Valentine!


But there is one big recurring issue–he talks about his ex wayyyyy too often.  I believe they broke up 2-3 years ago and he assures me that he is over her, but I assure you that he is not 100% over her.

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MISSING: 30withcats

I know, I know.  It’s been a while. Two factors:  First, my job has been very consuming and I am behind on all the things.  Second, I’ve been spending a lot of free time with Him #2…. I stole a picture yesterday while we were shopping (his idea!)


I’d share more about this time, but it would get sickeningly cute I think this would be the result:

I will just say that the first thing he did when he came over my house the first time was pick up the friendlier of my cats (the other continues to hide in her safe spot) and give her some good pets.


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